About the Author Kay Wadsworth

Kay Wadsworth is proud to have been born and brought up in her beloved Yorkshire, England.

For the past 15 years she has been living in Germany with her loving, but long suffering husband Andrew. Together they teach Business English to German Businesses in and around NRW. She has one lovely daughter, who has been at her beck and call for help in her quest to conquer that dreaded technological monster called a "Computer".

Monster's come in all shapes and sizes and Kay fears this one the worst. She switches the dreaded Monster on in the morning whereupon it grunts, whirrs, clicks, ticks and finally bleeps at her. She admires young children who know their way around a pc. Every morning she is greeted by King Zenta, on her screensaver. Seeing her characters from her books makes her feel secure but still determined to write children's books about the World around us and environmental issues for young children to experience, to learn and enjoy. She likes children and their innocence daring to believe in fantasy, unlike adults. She believes all children should be read to and then read so their boundless fantasies can be explored.

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