The fight for earth: the cast of characters

Daisy Moon

Daisy Moon - a 12 year old child prodigy. Friend of the Earth and talks to plants. Daisy has completed her secondary education and been accepted by the University of Green Issues under the wing of her mentor, Professor Boffin. She loves nature, although she has a problem liking some types of insects. Loves the feel of soil through her fingers and has the ability to talk to the plants in her Dad's garden centre. She, like all her family, is a little bit accident prone but ultimately this proves to be a great advantage. She is of slight build with a mass of brown curly hair. She is very girlie in looks, whilst being tom boyish in attitude. Follow her and her friends as they begin a series of adventures leading to ...who knows where...!

Major Dug Burrows

Commander of the Super Earth Worm Armies, Veteran of the elite formation of SPLAT (Special Patrol Legion of Army Tunnelers) leads the combined forces of Glow-worms, Bookworms, Tape, Inch and Lug worms and later in the story also the Silkworms, in their fight to prevent the invasion of Earth by the evil King Zenta and his marauding Intergalactic Slugs. Through Newton, one of the Bookworms, Major Burrows contacts Daisy Moon and her mentor Professor Boffin at the UGI (University of Green Issues) and asks for their help in defeating this menace to the whole future existence of life on Earth. Cool headed, hard steel-like exterior and muscular physique and is a colossal opponent for the Intergalactic Slug force.

Major Fluorescent

Commander of the Glow-worm Army. She and her female Glow-worms assist the Super Earth Worm Army by lighting the underground tunnels and vast caverns where the war is taking place between the Slugs and the Super Earth Worms. She is a glamorous but efficient leader and all who know her become devoted by her charm, reliability, good looks and strength. She and her dedicated force are a vital part of Major Burrows' strategy.

King Zenta

Evil commander of the Intergalactic Slug Army. He is the driving force behind the Intergalactic re-invasion of Planet Earth by the dark, sinister mass of radiation affected Slugs fleeing their currently dying Planet Zeal, arriving en-masse in their primitive spaceships. Human tinkering with genetics has created plant foods that greatly benefits his kind. He is assisted by his son "The Black Prince", who together with their Slug Army are in danger of dominating both the surface of the planet and the underground where they are being fiercely contested by Major Burrows, Captain Trench and the Super Earth Worm Armies.

Lt Su Shee

Commander of the Silkworm Army. Through her bravery and leadership Lt Su Shee by the end of the first book has been promoted to Captain. She and her girls through their silk spinning abilities are vital in the capture and holding down of Intergalactic Slugs taken in battle. Su Shee leads her fellow Silkworms with typical Asiatic calmness and always tries to complete every mission given to her by Major Burrows' second in command Captain Trench. She is a determined commander but retains her very pretty, silky soft exterior.

Newton the multi-coloured Bookworm

Named after the famous discoverer of gravity, Sir Issac Newton. Newton has a brilliant brain which can absorb written information at a fantastic speed. Has an IQ of 150 and has the ability to be telepathic. Has an important role as the interface between Daisy Moon and Professor Boffin and the plight of the Super Earth Worms, in their war against the Intergalactic Slugs. Surprisingly, he and Daisy Moon develop a strong friendship despite Daisy's feeling and dislike of creepy crawlies and all things warm and squigy.

Captain Trench

Second in command to Major Burrows. Also a veteran of SPLAT. The righthand and vital part of Major Burrows' fighting force. Strong, loyal to the Super Earth Worm Armies and of course, to Major Burrows. Strong physique and devilishly handsome.

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